3 Tips For Sending Sympathy Flowers

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The loss of a loved one can be an overwhelming experience, but watching a friend or family member lose a close loved one can also be heart-breaking. While you may bake casseroles, run errands, and even attend memorial services for this person, sending sympathy flowers can also be a great way to show you care. Here are a few tips to help you send a thoughtful and appealing sympathy arrangement to a friend or family member who has lost a loved one.

Schedule Appropriately

Avoid sending a sympathy arrangement immediately after learning of the person's passing. Instead, plan to have the flowers delivered to the funeral home.

Of course, this will require waiting a short period of time until you learn of the details for the upcoming memorial service.

The arrangement will most likely be displayed by the funeral home during the memorial service, but your friend or family member and other attendees of the service will be able to see the flowers, know who they are from, and read your sympathy message.

Consider a Wreath

Many florists design sympathy wreaths, as well. The wreath can be made out of greenery, such as pine, which is common for deaths that occur during the winter season, or a combination of flowers and greenery, which work well all through the year.

The wreath can include a banner stating information about the recently deceased. The banner can include the name of the person who recently passed away, their dates of birth and death, and a short saying or phrase.

Most funeral homes will prop the wreath up on an easel in the funeral room or right next to the casket.

Opt for the Right Flowers

If you do prefer to send a floral arrangement, make sure to choose flowers that are known for sympathy thoughts.

The lily is one of the most commonly used flowers in sympathy arrangements because it represents renewal and rebirth, which are important in many different faiths and religions.

Roses are also beautiful flowers to include in a sympathy arrangement, since they are available in a multitude of colors. White roses represent purity and innocence, peach flowers symbolize gratitude and sincerity, and yellow represents friendship.

Like the name suggests, forget-me-not flowers are important flowers to include in a sympathy arrangement because they are a promise that the recently deceased will never be forgotten.

This guide will help you design and send the right sympathy arrangement at the right time when a friend or family member's loved one passes away. Contact a florist, like Pamela's Flowers, for more help.