Bouquet Blunders: What Not To Do When You Receive A Flower Bouquet From The Florist

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When you receive a beautiful gift of arranged flowers, hand-delivered from your local florist, you always want to keep them looking great for as long as possible. Not everyone is familiar with how to care for fresh-cut flowers, so it is not uncommon for arrangements to be placed on a table and enjoyed until they begin to fade away a few days later. However, being aware of what to avoid when caring for your flowers can help you extend their life and make the most of your lovely bouquet.

Use a dirty vase

Even if a vase does not look dirty, it may be harboring small traces of past flowers if the vase was not cleaned after the last use. This residue may be harboring mold spores or bacteria which can harm your flowers and the atmosphere in your home. Always err on the side of caution and take a few minutes to wash the vase with soap and water and rinse thoroughly prior to placing your floral bouquet in it.

Place flowers in the wrong spot

One common fresh flower blunder is assuming that all flowers like sunshine. While this may be true for flowers connected to their roots, it is not true for cut flowers. Cut flowers do best in a cooler location away from direct sunlight.

You should also avoid placing flowers next to a fresh fruit bowl. Ripe fruit releases gas which can affect blooms and reduce the longevity of your bouquet. Smoke-filled rooms are also harmful to fresh flowers.

Never change the water

Once you place your bouquet into a vase filled with fresh water, it is not unusual to forget about changing the water. It is best to replace the water every couple of days to give your fresh flowers the best environment to thrive. Making a note in your daily planner or setting a notification on your phone is a helpful reminder.

Ignore dead leaves

Even healthy bouquets will drop a few leaves, which is part of the life cycle of plants. These dropped leaves end up in the water around the flowers and are unsightly but can also encourage bacteria growth. Remove all dead leaves as soon as you notice them to keep your floral bouquet happy and looking its best.

Flower bouquets that are properly cared for will last and bring you joy longer than those that are neglected. Proper care of fresh-cut flowers is not difficult and will require only moments of your time. Knowing what not to do will help you avoid bouquet blunders the next time fresh flowers arrive at your door. For more information, contact a florist near you.