4 Tips For Sending Flowers To A Patient

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When someone you love is in the hospital, sending them flowers will brighten up their day. However, there are factors to consider if you want to send flowers to a hospital that accommodates many patients. To guarantee hassle-free flower delivery, adhere to the following tips.

Inquire With the Hospital

Like the intensive care unit, several sections of the hospital don't permit flower delivery. Some patients may have immune sensitivity. First of all, inquire from the hospital if patients can be given flowers in that section.

Also, ask for the delivery details. Perhaps the hospital staff may have recommendations on the best flower choices or even tips on how to deliver them if you aren't permitted to do it in person.

Add an Attractive Card

Don't forget to insert a card in the bouquet. Ensure it has a heartening message and affectionate words. It'll be ideal as your patient will know that you're thinking about them and you're sending a positive aura and energy.

Bigger Isn't Constantly the Best

Flower delivery is ideal for patients who are admitted to the hospital. Flowers speed up healing and enhance the patient's confidence.

Nonetheless, hospitals have restricted space, and, therefore, no matter how beautiful a bouquet is, be sure to send a small one that'll fit perfectly on a nightstand. A small bouquet is easier to relish, and if the time comes for the patient to be discharged, they can carry it hassle-free.

Choose Odorless Flowers

Hospitals are ever busy. Although it's enticing to send flowers that smell nice, there are factors to consider. Perhaps your loved one in the hospital is sharing a room with another patient who doesn't like strong fragrances.

Also, there's a high possibility that strongly-scented flowers may crash terribly in an antiseptic-infused room. Keep off sending strong-scented flowers, and send a bright one.

Daisies are the perfect flowers for a hospital room, mainly yellow and white daisies blended in a yellow jar. This combination can cheer any patient up. However, daisies come with some fragrance which makes everyone satisfied.


Think of what flower type can indicate care and compassion and is suitable for the situation. Choose the flower arrangement you prefer. Then, contact a flower delivery firm to send it straight to the hospital.

Also, you can carry out a study on flower delivery services to select from. Most of the delivery firms also do same-day flower delivery. Ensure you give the name and address of the hospital and the patient's full name to the flower delivery firm.