Tips For Hiring A Flower Preservation Service

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Do you have flowers from a special occasion that you would like to preserve? People often have flowers preserved after a wedding, graduation party, or anniversary. Some florists offer flower preservation, and there are also separate companies that offer flower preservation as their only service. Here are a few tips that will come in handy as you go about having your flowers preserved. 

Keep the whole bouquet

Don't just pluck the flowers you want to preserve and throw away the rest. Until you have an opportunity to sit down with the flower preservation specialist, keep the whole bouquet or flower arrangement. There may be some smaller sprigs or flowers in the arrangement that will look nice preserved alongside the larger, more important flowers. Or, one of the flowers you want to preserve may lose a petal or two in the process and the florist may want to select a better one to preserve. It's just best to have options, and saving all of the flowers gives you options. You can ask the preservation company to throw away what they don't use if you so desire.

Ask about poured epoxy options

People often imagine preserved flowers as being pressed between two sheets of clear plastic. This is one way to preserve and display flowers, but there are other options. Some people have them placed in a mold that is then filled with clear epoxy. In this way, they can be incorporated into a vase, a plate, a big display case, or a piece of unique wall decor. These options often cost a little more, but they're worth considering as they will often get more use and attention than a plain, pressed flower.

Be prepared to wait

Preserving flowers takes time. Some companies have the equipment to dry flowers out a bit faster than they would dry on their own, but others don't. It can take a few weeks for flowers to thoroughly dry enough to be added to epoxy items. So, if the flower preservation company tells you that your item won't be ready for a few weeks, don't be alarmed. This is typical; they are not putting you off.

Preserving flowers is a great way to memorialize a special occasion. Talk to a flower preservation service in your area to learn more about their specific services, prices, and wait times. They can take your flowers and transform them into something more lasting.