Fun Trendy Floral Items You Can Send to Friends & Family

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It's always fun to receive a floral delivery on a special day. However, it is sometimes hard to decide what floral items you should send to your friends and family for their own special days. If you want to venture away from the typical "spring bouquet" or a dozen red roses, then consider these fun and trendy options for your next floral delivery order:

A Vase of Bird of Paradise Flowers

Bird of paradise flowers are very unique and en vogue at the moment in the floral industry. These tropical flowers grow on long stocks similar to how iris flowers grow. However, bird of paradise flowers are beautiful bright orange and red colors.

The flowers of the bird of paradise plant were popular back in the 1970s because they meshed well with the color scheme of the time. Since the 1970s decorating fashions are coming back, so too are the bird of paradise flowers and they make a unique floral gift.

Hanging Glass Sphere Bud Vases

If you are looking for a more delicate option than a vase of bird of paradise flowers, then a grouping of hanging glass sphere bud vases is an excellent choice. Each sphere hangs delicately from the ceiling with water and a single bloom inside. The clear spheres make the flowers and water appear to be floating on the air.

A Hanging or Desk Terrarium

If you like the idea of a hanging decoration but prefer something more masculine than glass sphere bud vases, then a hanging terrarium is a great choice. Terrariums are easy to care for and look interesting when they are suspended.

If your friend or relative isn't someone who would want to suspend their gift from their ceiling, then a desk terrarium is a great alternative. This style of terrarium comes in many different varieties from large glass spheres to containers that look like houses or churches. 

A Succulent or Cacti Garden

In addition to the above, succulents and cacti are also in floral and decorative fashion right now. You can find many different sizes and shapes of containers filled with succulents or cacti to send someone to celebrate their special day.

Both succulents and cacti are easy to care for and will grow for decades if they are properly cared for. Some of the most unique succulent gardens also contain miniature gnomes and other fun things that create little "outdoor" gardens to make everyone smile.