Flower Bouquets: How To Make Them Unique For The Recipient

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You can count on your local florist to make a beautiful bouquet for a person you care about, even if you have no special requests to make of them. Florists use their natural talents with blooms and other earthy accessories — like ferns, decorative grass, or even herbs — to create pretty bouquets that are impressive and beautiful. These bouquets are designed around what flowers are in stock or season and whatever budget you have, but you can do more to make the bouquets unique for the recipient with the help of your florist.

Here are ways you can make flower bouquets more unique to the recipient. Your florist will create these custom bouquets for you via directions you give them online, over the phone, or in person at their shop.

Add a birth month flower

Just like every person has a birthstone for their birth date, they also have a birth flower as well. Add some uniqueness to the bouquets you send a person by adding their birth flower to the bouquet arrangement. What makes a birth month flower even more intriguing is this: most months have more than one birth flower attached to them, so you can further make arrangements unique.

Add some useful attachments

Bouquets that come with pretty vases, ornate bows, a box of chocolates, or a watering centerpiece can be more fun and useful than bouquets that come without them wrapped in pretty plastic. Speak to your florist about the different options you have when it comes to arranging a flower bouquet that has some special and original attachments. Some flower shops have packages for bouquets that can be arranged around budgets, so ask your florist what they can do to make a flower arrangement more unique based on the budget you have to spend.

Add something original and personal

A flower bouquet can become even more unique and personal to the recipient if you add something to the bouquet that is special to you. Add a personalized note or take a piece of jewelry or another trinket to the florist shop for them to tie into the bouquet.

When you make an order for a bouquet, give the florist enough time to complete the order so they can deliver it to the recipient in time. Your delivery time will be given to you by your florist so you can ensure your bouquets get to the recipient appropriately. Your florist will have you pay for your bouquet in advance so let them know your budget in advance.

Contact a local florist today for more information about bouquets.