Outside The Bouquet: 6 Flower Ideas For Your Wedding

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When you think about flowers for your wedding, you mainly think about your bouquet and centerpieces. However, flowers have the ability to bring beauty and magic to anything that they are attached to. Here are six places where you can use flowers in your wedding:

1. Seating Chart

You have decided that you are going to use a framed seating chart. However, it just looks a little bland to you. Sure, it's got color, but it just needs something else to really pop. Well, why not frame it with flowers? By utilizing flowers that match your wedding theme, you will easily transform your dull seating chart into a bold statement piece.

2. Staircase

If your plan is to have a classic fairytale wedding like a princess where there will be a staircase involved, then you must make sure it is decorated properly. Flowers can frame the banners of staircases perfectly, but don't forget to leave some loose petals along the edges of the steps. It will be magic.

3. Lanterns

For a traditional, rustic or vintage outdoor wedding, lanterns and flowers go hand-in-hand. Lanterns can be beautiful accents hanging from trees, especially when they are filled with lush greens and beautiful in-season, wedding-themed flowers. This decoration could be used for the wedding and/or the reception.

4. Arch

For a sophisticated, romantic touch to your wedding, a floral arch at the front of your ceremony where you will tie the knot s exactly what you need. If you will want to dial up the elegance, you could even add a crystal chandelier that hangs from the center of the arch. You could then add an aisle of white or peach petals, which would be ideal for an indoor or outdoor wedding.

5. Curtain Ties

As a general rule, you would tie back curtains with ribbons. However, why not shake things up a little at your wedding and use a beautiful bouquet of in-season blooms? This works well if you are holding your wedding beneath a tent or you have a canopy over cake table for looks.

6. Chandelier

Though most of these décor ideas have been for the wedding only, this one can be used for the wedding and/or the reception, like the lanterns. An overhead chandelier decked out in stunning blooms simply whispers elegance and romance. It would look perfect above the couple as they said their vows during the ceremony or in the center of the dance floor at the reception.

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